Thanks fLorraineor wondering about me (Lorraine).  While I never imagined blogging, it’s exciting to see a book I’ve loved come alive this way.  My passion for reading came later in life.   I’ve been keeping track of every book I’ve read since November 2001, reading about 6-8 books a month.  I’ve been collecting books for at least that long, many from an embarrassment of riches found at amazing library book sales where I live in the Washington, DC area.  I’ve been volunteering at one of these libraries for more than 10 years.  Somewhere along the line, books became extremely important to me.  September 2007 a Washington Post article about a Darfuri refugee’s mental anguish at not having any books to read caught my son Logan’s attention and changed our lives.   We founded a little charity called the Book Wish Foundation, because we couldn’t imagine a life without books.   Books have given me so much joy, and I so enjoy sharing what I’ve read.

I’m often disappointed with books that get a lot of publicity and hype and appear on bestseller lists.  Instead, I tend to rave about books that never seem to see the light of bestseller lists.  If the prose is not beautifully written with words that for some reason move me, then I’m not likely to read or finish the book.  I tend to be drawn to artists, historical time periods (WWI and II), UK authors, and novels that place you in stimulating cities or beautiful landscapes.  When an author’s words let me feel the spirit of a place and get to know characters that inhabit them, these escapes truly enrich my life so that I feel a great gratitude to them.  Enchanted Prose is my way of thanking these authors, by sharing with you some beautiful fiction I’ve discovered, and telling you why I think you too might fall in love with a special book.  If you discover a special novel you’d like to tell me about, please write to me at enchantedprose@gmail.com.

Happy Reading, Lorraine