Review Policy

This is a blog about beautiful fiction I’ve discovered.  I anticipate reviewing about 3 books a month, only the best of what I’m reading.  If you are a publisher or an author and want to share a book you think I might love, please write to me first at

I read mostly contemporary fiction and historical fiction, so I’m not interested in reviewing thrillers, most mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, romance, or young adult novels.

Of all the great cities around the world that books could be set in, Manhattan and London are my favorites.  But, I welcome learning about uplifting stories, beautifully told, wherever they may be set.

I’m always searching for beautifully written prose.  This means that the books I blog about come from several sources:  borrowed, bought, and free.  It’s important to me to say a few words about the books I receive for free:

I don’t participate in any programs where I promise to write “an honest review” in exchange for a review copy because I only review books I love, books whose prose moves me.  I let publishers know this.  This means I will not blog about a book even if a page-turner, if the prose disappoints.  Most frustrating is to discover a gifted writer whose prose veers heavily profane or offensive.  I’m saddened to say it happens more often than I expect.  (I try to identify only those books I think will be a good fit for Enchanted Prose.)  I – and the readers whom I’m happy have found this blog – are looking for something else here: prose that is lyrical, evocative, calming, stirring, rooted in a deep “sense of place” or historical time period – an evolving notion of “enchanted prose.” And that’s when Enchanted Prose can’t wait to sing its praises!

I didn’t start this blog to receive complementary books.  I was inspired by a UK author’s novel whose prose felt so-good, yet an unfamiliar name on our bestseller lists.  I’m constantly requesting library books, but the timing they arrive often conflicts, the wait list long, or the newest books are not yet in the system.  So, I’ve come to greatly appreciate receiving and winning advanced reader copies (or finished books) from publishers and literary websites.  Along the way, I’ve encountered so many publishers excited about sharing the discovery of a debut author and their very special books, who want to reach as many readers as possible – the same way I feel about Enchanted Prose.

As for where the books land after I read and blog about them: I save them, for if I’ve blogged about the book I don’t want to part with it.  Others that have disappointed I may still save, or donate to a charity where I hope they find a good home.